Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Head Over Heels for Turquoise & Caicos+ Review on Brucci Base Coat

picture taken from Essie Website

I am a hardcore turquoise lover, so when I saw that my mom got me the mini pack of the Essie Resort Collection that had Turquoise and Caicos I was beyond happy. When I put it on the nail I was pleased but not thrilled to be honest with you, I loved that it was a jelly and applied quite nicely I just didn't like how the color wasn't like it was in the bottle. *UPDATE* In the picture shown, I have two coats over cream white base coat + seche vite top coat. It occurred to my mother that she had bought a white/cream base coat from Sally's the other day and that might bring out the color. This is the perfect turquoise for me, so much so I even went out and bought the bigger bottle I am just head over heels for this fantastic color, I suggest that if you haven't gotten it yet you run, not walk and get this immediately.

the bottle looks like this except the liquid is a cream color ^

I LOVE that base coat now, well I love it because it helps bring out colors but let me be honest with you, it's really not that great for every day, it's pretty streaky and with a few coats of a jelly there tend to be bald spots so it has many downsides.. but if you are patient this is great to bring out colors...unless of course you just prefer painting your traditional base coat then a white coat.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Nail Blog and First Post!

Katy Perry's Minx nails- I LOVE THESE!
(thought this would be a great way to kick off the new blog)

This is beyond exciting for me! Let me begin with a little introduction: By preschool I was hooked on nail think I am making this up...well no. Seriously, I loved getting make up kits only so I could get the nail polish and I would beg my mom to take me to my cousins house because she was older and would always paint my nails. I even made a song about nail polish...yeah.. A SONG. It was sort of lame but cute and it was like "Nail polish, nail polish, I can't live with out my nail polish, every color, lalalala...." yeah... I was THAT obsessed. But so the obsession began and about 3 years ago I began to collect more and more nail polish. I quickly began upgrading from small hello kitty make up kit collection, to CVS and drugstore brands, to Essie and OPI.
I began to start to pair my nail polish with my outfits for school.....then I realized how ridiculous I looked and let it be for a while but then I found the wonderful realm of nail polish blogging a few months ago. I am now once again hooked and love to paint my nails, my friends nails, and if my mother didn't stop me I would probably try to paint my dogs' nails haha... just kidding that's a bit inhuman.
My friend recently made a beauty blog (check it out: ) and hasn't stopped bugging me about making my own blog about nail polish so I said why not, so here it is. I am mainly going to be swatching and comparing nail polish but I will take any requests, I am not good at doing nail art on myself but I will try if requested. Please please please get your friends to read, comment, and follow :)
If you just got through all of that rambling of mine with out leaving, bless you sweet child and I hope you enjoy my soon to come many posts.

-Sabrina <3