Friday, July 30, 2010

New Blog Alert!

Sorry I am posting this so much later than I promised I would - honestly I was waiting for more blogs to make sure I got the maximum today!

These fellow nail junkies have some great blogs and you should seriously check them out. I looked at each and ever one of these blogs myself and I MAJORLY approve, trust me I wouldn't talk about a blog here I didn't like- I am a follower of them myself. If you have a new blog as well please feel free to comment below or e-mail me at I will do another "New Blog Alert" post in a few weeks but I will keep you on a list to post :)

Check 'Em Out... Trust Me... SO Worth It

Nail Girls Niche (Another Florida Blogger! WOO HOO)
Pure Polish
Lacquer Lady (couldn't understand it but great stuff!)

polish of the day. ish.

Well I hope you checked out ALL of these lovely ladies and their fabulous nail blogs AND followed them! :)
If you are a new blogger and are saying "Gosh, darnet! Why hadn't I read this before?!" (or something along those lines haha) not to worry you can always comment below here and I will do another new blogger post in a week or two :)

P.S. Sorry for the lack of swatch posts I have a bunch in the works but I am re doing some and organizing my thoughts but if any of you have a request please please please comment below as well :)


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reminder To All Fellow Nail Bloggers

Sometime during this week or next week I would really like to post a list of new bloggers to help you guys get some hits on your blog. So comment here or on my last post with a link to your blog. I would LOVE it if you could post about my blog too :)

I also just set up an email for this blog that you guys can email me at any time.

Thanks for reading! Comment and Follow :)

-Sabrina- positively polished-

Monday, July 26, 2010

Top Coat Comparison: Seche Vite VS Out The Door


  • SMEAR RESISTANCE: Seche Vite dries to a "smear resistant" level faster than Out the Door..... however I have found that although you can sort of touch or brush your nails after putting on Seche Vite rather than when you have put Out the Door - the nail polish is still malleable and able to dent easily.
  • And is it just me or does Seche Vite cause TERRIBLE shrinkage.... I mean there have been times for me where the polish shrinks and at one point I can just peel it off... yeah... I mean.. I deal with it because I love it so much.. but that really gets me upset sometimes. And today I was doing a pedicure and there were a few bubbles... has it gone bad?!
  • FULL DRYING TIME: As I said before Seche tends to be "smear/touch resistant" quicker but all in all if you wait the extra time for Out the Door which is like a minute or two extra, you will find that they won't dent as easily because of the thinner formula.
  • SMELL: I MUCH prefer the Out the Door smell to the Seche Vite smell. Why? .. Well the OTD oder isn't as strong and it is a more pleasant smell (my opinion only). OTD smells like glue or putty. SV smells like a shoe cleaner but a very strong smell.
  • SHINE: By far Seche Vite Beats OTD in shine by a mile (if you want an identical if not better shine try using Sally Hansen Mega Shine)
  • PRICE: OTD is $5.49 at Sally Beauty Supply and SV is $7.99 at Sally's too. BUT if you are purchasing a lot at Sally's and you don't already know about the Beauty Club Card I advise you to get one. It saves you a whole lot of money if you make lots of purchases there. With the card SV comes out to $6.49 and OTD comes out to $4.99.
I LOVE both top coats and for some reason I always mix them up and just use different simply because I just pick one up and slap it on my nails. But I love the Seche Vite shine and drying speed but I like that Out the Door is thin... so I am a fan of both. But I am just putting this out there for people to see. I have bought any and all products from this post with my own money and own will I went out to get them because I had heard good things about both top coats.

I have talked about the Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat (click here for previous post) before and how much I like it but I just wanted to put this in here quickly because it is such a great option to add some shine to your manicure or change it up after a few days. It comes in Silver and Gold and I love my Silver one so much I am considering getting the big one. I am currently wearing OPI DS Coronation and I expected it to be more holo but none the less I was very pleased.... but a few days later I realized I could just put a layer or two of the Northern Lights top coat and I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this mani looks. I am in love and this will for sure be using this color combo for many future mani's.
here is another picture of the top coat (silver and gold) I got online just so you can see it again:

These are just a few of my favorites, I will post about some other ones soon but in the mean time please comment below with the name of your favorite top coat, your thoughts on this post or my blog in general. UPDATE: I just put a poll on the right side bar for top coat, if you put other then please comment on this post what your favorite top coat is.
Thanks for reading, follow and comment! If anything at all feel free to email me at :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

To All Bloggers, New and Old and Blue Sally Hansen Comparisons

Hello fellow nail junkies who may have blogs of their own :) As you probably know - due to my excessive amount of posts on other blogs- that I am VERY blogger friendly since I am pretty new and realize how hard it is to get followers. I don't have a HUGE amount but it's getting bigger every day and I would LOVE to post about your blog, just comment bellow with your blogs web address. And also I would really like if some of you could follow (if you aren't already) my blog, and maybe even post about it on your blogs- I am not going to be like "I COMMAND YOU OR I SHALL NOT WRITE ABOUT YOUR BLOG"... no no not at all but .. it would be nice haha. And I am going to stop the rambling now, but if you do happen to have any questions or concerns- ASK AWAY!

Now lets get to some much needed swatches/ layering:
Okay Before we get to close ups let me tell you what we have here. (I think if you click on the image it will appear bigger)
1. is Sally Hansen 07 Be Seen Blue over 04 Blue Me Away! ( #3 over #2)
2. is just Sally Hansen 04 Blue Me Away!
3. is just Sally Hansen 07 Be Seen Blue
4. is just Sally Hansen 33 Pacific Blue
5. is Sally Hansen 07 Be Seen Blue over 33 Pacific Blue

NO TOP COAT ON ANY OF THEM also please excuse my nasty cuticles and swatching job

individual pictures



That will be all for today but please please please give me your thoughts, so as always I hope you have a lovely friday+ weekend and again... haha please comment, follow, and... even be so generous to maybe tag me in a post if you have a blog :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sorry- not my give away but this has some great goodies that are so worth testing your luck for! Good luck everybody,and wish me some too :) link

Oh and she is a great blogger to boot so tremendously worth checking out her blog

Monday, July 12, 2010

Double the haul-Double the fun!+ skittle swatching

I dropped by a few beauty supply's the other day and honestly didn't expect not to buy more than like 1 nail polish.... well.... I was so wrong. This was divided into a few days though I must admit and it's like two hauls in the span of 2 weeks though- I need to be cut off, nail polish is like a drug. haha just kidding. So let me get on with the pics of bottles and skittle swatching!


sorry the colors are a little like yellowed and it's not as nice as they really are in person because of my lamp's lighting :/ In order from left to right the colors are: Lollipop, Turquoise and Caicos, What's With the Cattitude?, Lilacism, Steel Grey, and Mink Muffs.
Haul #1 Swatches:
1 coat

2 Coats:

All of them were two coats-even though lilacism was a little streaky a nice thick 2nd coat did it nicely. No top coat on any of them. Oh, and I apologize for my little cuticle mess up on the middle nail (lilacism). I didn't swatch the turquoise and caicos here because if you look down I have already done a post on that nail polish alone.

Haul #2:

In order from left to right the colors are: Lapis of Luxury, Playa Del Platinum, Marshmallow, and Queen of Hearts which was part of the Essie loves diamonds by Judith Ripka line (the nail polish is supposed to be infused with diamond.). I got all of these at a local dusty for under 4 dollars and the Queen of Hearts for around $5- the reason I love dusty shopping!

Haul #2 Swatches:
1 coat

2 coats

and for these I used my infamous brucci base coat oh and no top coat P.S. this time I have a proper picture for you and I do have to say it's a streaky mess (no idea why I use it so much). Also, I noticed the essie brush was thinner for the Judith Ripka polish-have any of you experienced that or did I just get a faulty bottle?
THANKS FOR READING! Please comment, and follow!

oh and before I get the infamous brucci base coat bottle:

*Positively Polished*
also check out this great new make up blog!

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Blog Alert: Lorraine Nails, Thank you, and a recent discovery (you probably knew this)

Hi guys,

First off, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have come across my blog and followed it. I honestly can say it means the world to me. If you have any friends who love nail blogs share my link with every possible person. And I know that 32 may not be many to some people but considering I have only been blogging for a total of 11 days that's HUGE (to me at least). And since I only started 11 days ago, I realize how hard it is to sometimes get your name out there and get people to read it so if any of you have a new blog that needs some help getting a few readers I am MORE than happy to put a quick post up so just shoot me an e-mail, or better yet comment because I LOVE reading comments and if you look I almost always reply on the comments.

okay so after all that rambling....

There is another blog that always has cool swatches and fun stuff to look at-Lorraine Nails I want you to just go look, comment and follow the blog because she has really nice swatches and more. Oh and to you new bloggers she is VERY friendly and I am sure she would post your blog up there to get some readers (as she did for me), so if she does make sure to post about her-you know... give back haha

Have you guys ever really wanted an Essie color but it's not in season any more or something? Well I have GREAT news (some of you may know this), I was on a blog the other night and she talked about this thing on Essie called "bye buy colors" where you could find old colors like dominica green(previously not any more sorry to get your hopes up), or other colors you may be looking for. I searched and for some reason always over looked it but I realized that if you just go to the left side bar and click nail colors it has a list of colors and at the bottom the last icon says bye buy colors. I clicked on it and you basically choose a color, comment and send an email to the company. I thought this would be useless but I gave it a try- I AM STILL IN UTTER SHOCK-they replied within two days and it was honestly very personal and nice, but I do have to say that I replied again and they never responded but who knows maybe the system doesn't work like that. So a few days I was at one of my favorite dustys picking up some colors and I asked about essie because that is the biggest line they sell there and the lady started to talk to me about how long she had been selling the brand and how familiar she had gotten and GET THIS... Apparently Essie just got sold for millions, and millions of dollars (duh, most of us knew that) BUT Essie's sister who works for the company personally called the owner to tell her and say how nice business had been with them etc. So I decided I would see how nice Essie really was and call them I picked up my Essie bottle and undid the little tag at the bottom and found the 1-800 number on the bottom of the Essie bottle. I called and asked for a person to speak to-... shockingly enough they actually put me with an operator who was so sweet, they even said that they honestly looked in their records for any starry starry night or dominica green bottles but there were none for sale under their domain and they told me similar colors and I could call back with any questions. I now love Essie even more than before (thats hard). So if you are ever having trouble with Essie I highly recommend you give 'em a call or shoot them an email, you won't be disappointed. If you have had any experience with them please comment below. *Obviously this wasn't coursed by the company because I am a SUPER small blog with out disclosure policy [so far] and they really wouldn't give a fly about it-YET- so no worries this was all COMPLETELY true*

okay well sorry for that endless rambling but I am working on some more posts and I have this one mani I have been dying to post-now if only I could find that sim card with the pictures :/

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sephora Picnic in the Park

This is a previous mani from a while ago that I really enjoyed, I was going to do it again to post but then i found these pictures I took. I really like this color, it's different from Essie's "pretty edgy" but if you guys want a comparison I am more than willing :) [comment below if you do]. Oh and before I continue my ditzy ramblings, this is Sephora's picnic in the park L13. It is one of the small bottles that look like little m&m's almost :D haha. I put a picture of what the bottle would look like just below this [obviously it's the bottle not the color... because well yeah... DUH. ]

I hope you enjoyed this post, please comment with opinions and requests!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Milani 3D Holographic Advice and Quick Review on Northern Lights Top Coat From Out the Door

Hey Guys I know almost everybody in the nail blogging realm has talked about these fabulous drugstore steals but I am here with more of a question than a post. What color do you prefer?

Also some people said that they weren't sparkly enough so I figured out that if I put the Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat (silver) [shown in picture above], it gave it more texture and it seemed more holo to me in the sunlight. I love this product, my mom just picked it up for me because it was on sale at Sally's and now I put it on top of plain polish sometimes to jazz it up and I really like the finish and texture it gives me. It dries reasonably quickly because it is from the brand OutTheDoor [one of my personal favorite top coat brands]. I have enjoyed it but if you have anything to add please feel free to comment I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions!

more pictures of Milani 3D Holographic nail polish below

Friday, July 2, 2010

Quick Info Post

There is an AMAZING give away from one of my favorite bloggers "The Hungry Asian"
follow the link to enter! It is way worth it! If any of you win, I want part of the loot haha just kidding. Good Luck!