Sunday, October 3, 2010

Franken Post!

Hey Guys,

a while back I was just messing around with polish and mixing them in an empty bottle of seche I had, and it turned into a really pretty turquoise so I decided I would try to franken dupe Nouvelle Vague from Chanel because I never got it. And although I know it's not that close, it does have the shimmer so I like it just the same. It took me 2 coats no top coat and the application was pretty nice.

Here I compared it to For Audrey, same thing two coats no top coat.
and thumb-franken, index-For Audrey and so on...

I haven't had any ideas on what to name my franken yet so if you have any ideas comment or email me!


  1. Awww congrats on your franken baby. I love a good franken either made on purpose or just because. Excellent.

    I have no idea but Blue Bayou popped into my head for a name...just a thought.

  2. I like this color! congrats! Mmm i'm not good with names... maybe... little sky?

  3. Great franken! I don't know how to name my own frankens as well, LOL

  4. Very nice! I'm not too good with names, either... :)

  5. Love the franken! When I looked at this, I was thinking about a beach, and I simply came up with Bluey Beach. Haha that's an aweful name for a polish!