Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Truly amazing, must say I am addicted to these videos. Great singer! Please check the videos out

More nail news and posts coming up soon. I just got Ogre the Top Blue, Give Me the Moon!, and Flit a Bit, all by OPI.

However, I haven't been getting a lot of comments or feed back so I was wondering if maybe you guys could tell me what you guys would want to see more of on my blog, and if you have any special requests please feel free to email me at OR just comment right below :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

UPDATED; my nail polish collection

this post will be very picture heavy, my stash has grown A TON. It's going to be little words and mostly pictures, if you have any questions or comments please comment below.
fyi, I got my helmer from Ikea, it has wheels too.

(sorry the last drawer is open, I didn't realize, but you get the idea)
1st drawer/ Bins on top- extra supplies, mini polish, cleaned out old bottles for frankens, boxes, gems, nail stickers, orange sticks, swatches, konad misc.

^everything on top of the helmer^

2nd drawer- base coats, top coats, tools, cotton, acetone dish, files, toe seperators, creams, etc.

3rd drawer- pinks, reds, neutrals, whites

4th drawer- yellow, gold, orange, taupes, browns, blacks, glitters, sparkle/glitter misc

I guess you noticed I finally got my first Chanel Polishes! I got Paradoxal for Christmas and I got Black Pearl about a month ago! I AM IN LOVE

5th drawer-teal, ALL BLUES, greens, light blue, turquoise etc

6th drawer- purple, lilac, and mac holiday gift set


My friend and I went to the lady gaga concert and I did our nails for that. I cropped some pictures so you guys could see what mani's I did. Sorry they aren't proper photos but at least I posted!

by the way these are mostly high quality pictures so you can click them for a better look at the polish

These are my friends hands, I did a gold with OPI black shatter on top. I really love this gold, it can come off as a green as well, but it is Nicole by OPI's "Sea How Far You Go"

This is a paws up for lady gaga picture haha, and we did the cross because she did that once. But I am the little hands with the purple nails, and I layered Revlon's Scented polish, "Not So Blueberry" over Hollywood's Pucci-licious [N20] (a nail supply's line of nail polish)

I now this is a quick post but I hope you liked the colors and combinations :)


I have been gone so long, and quite honestly I was thinking of just not blogging anymore but I really hate when bloggers stop so I am going to continue blogging from this point on. How often I'm not sure, but I have a bunch of new polish and I am eager to post. Currently I am wearing deborah lippmanns "call me irresponsible" and I am inlove. just a quick post from me :)