Friday, September 24, 2010

Avon Swatches

Hey Guys!,
I'm back to posting this weekend, I'm home sick so I had some extra time to swatch.

I bought all of these colors with my own money during a sale where I got them for around 2-3 dollars I think. GREAT DEAL. Watch out for their sales!


two coats, no top coat, thin yet great BUTTERY application. built up beautifully by second coat

LUXE LAVENDER. (not as blue as it appears in pictures)
two coats, no top coat. same as jade in application, thin first coat but perfect by second. And I forgot to mention ALL of these dry VERY quickly and don't even need top coat as you can see

After swatching this one I was messing around and put OPI The Color to Watch (comment and tell me if you want a full swatch of this color-from OPI Swiss Collection) and with China Glaze's Grape Juice. I thought this was great because alone both colors are very sheer and take several coats to build up, so instead I could just put the Luxe Lavender under it and put one coat of the GJ or TCtW on top.
The pointer and middle finger are the color to watch and the other two fingers are grape juice
^sorry I messed up the ring finger.
same as the last two, great application, two coats/ no top coat, dry's fast and glossy

Okay, well I will have a few more posts coming to you but please tell me if you guys want a certain review on something, pleasee! I want you guys emailing me at with requests, opinions, and what you think about the blog in general. Also comment below telling me if you like that I am putting lots of pictures lately, or if you prefer less, or if you want them bigger....

okay well that's about it :) hope you have a great weekend


  1. I like the Jade color.. pretty... actually all of them are.. :D


  2. I liked the playing around with the purples.