Thursday, September 9, 2010

Avon Vintage Blue Swatch

I will just bombard you with pictures today. Sorry It's been forever! But I am back for today and let me just tell you I LOVE AVON. If you have the chance buy every color you can get your hands on. I don't regret one color I bought. In my last post you can see that I bought four colors and I am beyond pleased. This is the second time I wear this color (Vintage Blue) as a full manicure and I want to order buckets and buckets of it I love it so much. It's like Essie Mint candy apple almost but this is a pastel blue, not as turquoisey. I will do a comparison soon but on the bottom I have a brief side by side comparison with OPI What's with the Cattitude? another favorite of mine. The formula is amazing this is two coats with out topcoat and I could have easily just done one coat. The brush is amazing, and... AHHH I LOVE EVERYTHING. And in one point of these pictures I am holding a Nail Hardener I recently got and I love it, my nails are like iron, they are so strong and grow so fast, I highly recommend it. Okay, well enjoy the pictures :)

^^^^^ comparison of Avon(left) with OPI What's with the Cattitude (right)^^^^^^^^


  1. Really nice.
    I have a few Avon's and really like them.

  2. Sooooooo pretty! I have this color and Luxe Lavender from Avon and I'm totally with you in feeling that I want to own a million Avon colors haha. The price is certainly right! This looks great on you :) Although I was trying to convince myself that Vintage Blue would cure my lemming for WWTC...hasn't worked and your comparison didn't help :-P

  3. @Jana, I'm sorry I didn't help, but if you are up for a swap I have a mini of What's with the Cattitude I can definitely send your way.