Friday, April 22, 2011

UPDATED; my nail polish collection

this post will be very picture heavy, my stash has grown A TON. It's going to be little words and mostly pictures, if you have any questions or comments please comment below.
fyi, I got my helmer from Ikea, it has wheels too.

(sorry the last drawer is open, I didn't realize, but you get the idea)
1st drawer/ Bins on top- extra supplies, mini polish, cleaned out old bottles for frankens, boxes, gems, nail stickers, orange sticks, swatches, konad misc.

^everything on top of the helmer^

2nd drawer- base coats, top coats, tools, cotton, acetone dish, files, toe seperators, creams, etc.

3rd drawer- pinks, reds, neutrals, whites

4th drawer- yellow, gold, orange, taupes, browns, blacks, glitters, sparkle/glitter misc

I guess you noticed I finally got my first Chanel Polishes! I got Paradoxal for Christmas and I got Black Pearl about a month ago! I AM IN LOVE

5th drawer-teal, ALL BLUES, greens, light blue, turquoise etc

6th drawer- purple, lilac, and mac holiday gift set


  1. i like that, I think I will organize mine color scheme. Is the Helmer hard to put together?

  2. Not at all, it has step by step instructions but you have to buy this type of handle separately, it came with like basic ones. But honestly, I am obsessed with it, it is so convenient, and inexpensive.

  3. Nice system! I wish I could organize by color- because it looks prettier. haha.