Friday, April 22, 2011


My friend and I went to the lady gaga concert and I did our nails for that. I cropped some pictures so you guys could see what mani's I did. Sorry they aren't proper photos but at least I posted!

by the way these are mostly high quality pictures so you can click them for a better look at the polish

These are my friends hands, I did a gold with OPI black shatter on top. I really love this gold, it can come off as a green as well, but it is Nicole by OPI's "Sea How Far You Go"

This is a paws up for lady gaga picture haha, and we did the cross because she did that once. But I am the little hands with the purple nails, and I layered Revlon's Scented polish, "Not So Blueberry" over Hollywood's Pucci-licious [N20] (a nail supply's line of nail polish)

I now this is a quick post but I hope you liked the colors and combinations :)

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