Friday, July 1, 2011

Essie After Sex and Revlon Liquid Quick Dry Review

I don't usually wear reds but I have really grown fond of this color… and no not because of the name. Actually me and my friend re-named it first kiss, after hugs, or after my first kiss, haha, just because.  This color looks so pretty and it's a great nail color for a party I think. This is three coats although I could have gotten away with two. Let the Pictures Speak for themselves….

I am obsessed with the Revlon Liquid Quick Dry as I said in my last post. I got a comment requesting a full review so here it is :).
This is pretty easy but I demonstrated it on my thumb anyways...

First off you put your topcoat on all your nails and you let them dry for about 30 seconds to a minute, so its not like SUPER wet top coat.

 Once you think its fine, you BRUSH on this quick dry formula on your nails just as you would apply a topcoat. If the brush is denting the polish or making streaks you didn't wait long enough for the topcoat to sit. This is an oil though so you don't have to press the brush, just lightly stroke it along the top so you know the oil touches all of the polish. 
I really prefer this as apposed to the dots because its easier to see what you're doing and you can be sure you got your whole nail covered. This works better for me actually, I've had the OPI dots and other versions and they just don't please me. I usually use Poshe topcoat or Seche Vite and although they are quick dry this just makes it all that much faster. 
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Oh also, none of you answered my question from the other day which is, do you guys prefer ONE to TWO picture posts, or picture heavy posts like mine?? Tell me am I doing too much or not enough? 

xoxo, Sabrina


  1. i prefer about three or four pictures when I read, one for about every angle..for some reason I always take pictures with the name label so I enjoy those. this post was a little picture heavy but for such an amazing polish it was totally fine! lol

  2. Lots of pictures don't bother me. In the day and age of high speed internet (even BAD high speed internet, which is what I have) it doesn't take long to load. Plus if you don't want to see them, the scroll button is your friend :)