Saturday, August 6, 2011

BEST TOPCOAT (Comparison Part 1)

Hello fellow nail junkies! I know that sometimes what is even more important than the color on our nails is the topcoat that protects it! One of my most popular posts was my top coat comparison between Seche Vite and Out the Door topcoat so I figured this would be appreciated and helpful to you guys! I have gathered a rather large collection of quick dry top coats over my short time blogging, I have a few more than the ones pictured but those aren't very good at all. Ok too much talking let me start off :)

also note, I know dentable isn't a real word but you guys get what I'm saying

 I ended up using only 6 topcoats because when I went to open my Out the Door this happened! :0

 dried out and broken brush! Has this happened to anybody? I've had it for like a year but I've had topcoats last me way longer!!!!

In this post I will show you the first part of my two part comparison.

If you don't want to read all of this I found that  Revlon and Seche Vite were the shiniest however Seche always seems to affect the nail color a little bit by either making it lighter or darker, it depends. And no it isn't because my bottle is old, even with brand new bottles of it. The fastest drying time was suprisingly OPI RapiDry Topcoat although my Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat was dry in 1 minute and didn't dent in 2 minutes which all the others tend to dent even after they are dry to the touch.

I will tell you what I have on each nail although I don't think you can tell the difference anyways.
left hand:
pinky- Zoya armor
ring- Essie Good to Go! (claims to be dry in seconds)
middle- Poshe (claims to dry in 1 minute flat)
index- Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat (Claims to dry in 30 seconds)
thumb- OPI RapiDry Top Coat

right hand:
thumb: Seche Vite

[pictured I am wearing OPI's Dim Sum Plum from the Hong Kong collection - 1 COAT!]


Without any polish under these topcoats they were all dry to the touch in 1 minute.
With 1 coat of OPI's Dim Sum Plum under:
ZOYA ARMOR: in 1 minute it was still dentable and wasn't very shiny
ESSIE GOOD TO GO: 2 minutes fully dry and was perfect. Shine was pretty good and was hardly dentable
POSHE: 1 minute to fully dry good shine, still a little dentable
REVLON QUICK DRY TOPCOAT: after 30 seconds it is dry to a LIGHT touch. Super shiny and after 2 minutes it is perfect and hard as a rock.
OPI RAPIDRY TOP COAT: 50 seconds to be dry to the touch although still able to be dented
SECHE VITE: 1 minute to dry, still dents. I love the shine of Seche Vite but I really get frustrated when it thickens and make bubbles, also it always alters the color of my polish

Another post with another part of this comparison will be coming soon! I hope you enjoy this 3 part series comparison. Give me your opinion in the comments below


  1. I like how you mentioned how it would dent. That's the big thing, isn't it? Out the Door took it literally, didn't it? ;)

  2. I love that you did a comparison of all those top coats and am truly appreciative of your passion for nails, but why did you check the top coats at all different times? You gave revlon 2mins to dry yet what were your results with the opi or seche vite after two minutes? Were they still dentable then?
    I'm insanely curious to know! Thank you again for posting this comparison!