Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mini Avon Haul

I was lemming some Avon so I treated myself now that there was a sale and got four colors, I promise to swatch them soon. But if you are dying to see how the really look go to stephs blog she has all the colors I got. Here is a picture of the colors I got.

from right to left: jade, luxe lavender, vintage blue, urban grey

sorry for such a quick post, COMMENT AND REQUEST PLEASE


  1. jade is an awesome color.I also bought the dark green..which i can't remember the name. what am I saying? I bought what you have + the dark green - the purple since I think it is a dupe to rumple's wiggin that I have


    avon have been making some really nice polishes.

  2. Avon has impressed me this year with the bold and more fashion-forward colors. I have a few and they are cool. Looking forward to you swatching them. :)

  3. I got the lavender and light blue a couple of weeks ago, they are still unswatched! I'm making my way towards them though, I'm hoping they can cure (or stifle) my lemmings for Rumple's Wiggin and Whats With The Cattitude haha

  4. I'd like to have some Avon polishes! :) <3 my fave one is Luxe Lavender...

  5. Thanks for sharing, I love the urban grey, looks great!