Monday, July 12, 2010

Double the haul-Double the fun!+ skittle swatching

I dropped by a few beauty supply's the other day and honestly didn't expect not to buy more than like 1 nail polish.... well.... I was so wrong. This was divided into a few days though I must admit and it's like two hauls in the span of 2 weeks though- I need to be cut off, nail polish is like a drug. haha just kidding. So let me get on with the pics of bottles and skittle swatching!


sorry the colors are a little like yellowed and it's not as nice as they really are in person because of my lamp's lighting :/ In order from left to right the colors are: Lollipop, Turquoise and Caicos, What's With the Cattitude?, Lilacism, Steel Grey, and Mink Muffs.
Haul #1 Swatches:
1 coat

2 Coats:

All of them were two coats-even though lilacism was a little streaky a nice thick 2nd coat did it nicely. No top coat on any of them. Oh, and I apologize for my little cuticle mess up on the middle nail (lilacism). I didn't swatch the turquoise and caicos here because if you look down I have already done a post on that nail polish alone.

Haul #2:

In order from left to right the colors are: Lapis of Luxury, Playa Del Platinum, Marshmallow, and Queen of Hearts which was part of the Essie loves diamonds by Judith Ripka line (the nail polish is supposed to be infused with diamond.). I got all of these at a local dusty for under 4 dollars and the Queen of Hearts for around $5- the reason I love dusty shopping!

Haul #2 Swatches:
1 coat

2 coats

and for these I used my infamous brucci base coat oh and no top coat P.S. this time I have a proper picture for you and I do have to say it's a streaky mess (no idea why I use it so much). Also, I noticed the essie brush was thinner for the Judith Ripka polish-have any of you experienced that or did I just get a faulty bottle?
THANKS FOR READING! Please comment, and follow!

oh and before I get the infamous brucci base coat bottle:

*Positively Polished*
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  1. Actually, I would argue that nail polish IS an addiction...but not a bad one. :)

  2. Nice haul!

    Sorry but the pink text on the grey background hurts my eyes :(