Friday, July 23, 2010

To All Bloggers, New and Old and Blue Sally Hansen Comparisons

Hello fellow nail junkies who may have blogs of their own :) As you probably know - due to my excessive amount of posts on other blogs- that I am VERY blogger friendly since I am pretty new and realize how hard it is to get followers. I don't have a HUGE amount but it's getting bigger every day and I would LOVE to post about your blog, just comment bellow with your blogs web address. And also I would really like if some of you could follow (if you aren't already) my blog, and maybe even post about it on your blogs- I am not going to be like "I COMMAND YOU OR I SHALL NOT WRITE ABOUT YOUR BLOG"... no no not at all but .. it would be nice haha. And I am going to stop the rambling now, but if you do happen to have any questions or concerns- ASK AWAY!

Now lets get to some much needed swatches/ layering:
Okay Before we get to close ups let me tell you what we have here. (I think if you click on the image it will appear bigger)
1. is Sally Hansen 07 Be Seen Blue over 04 Blue Me Away! ( #3 over #2)
2. is just Sally Hansen 04 Blue Me Away!
3. is just Sally Hansen 07 Be Seen Blue
4. is just Sally Hansen 33 Pacific Blue
5. is Sally Hansen 07 Be Seen Blue over 33 Pacific Blue

NO TOP COAT ON ANY OF THEM also please excuse my nasty cuticles and swatching job

individual pictures



That will be all for today but please please please give me your thoughts, so as always I hope you have a lovely friday+ weekend and again... haha please comment, follow, and... even be so generous to maybe tag me in a post if you have a blog :)


  1. Thank you for doing this :)

    I'll add you to my blogroll/follow you!

  2. I love Pacific Blue; it's one of my favorite blues. Thanks for doing this!

    You're already on my blogroll. :)

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  4. blue me away.................stains like crazy!! beware! actually i'm avoiding all sally hansens blue right now =(