Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sephora Picnic in the Park

This is a previous mani from a while ago that I really enjoyed, I was going to do it again to post but then i found these pictures I took. I really like this color, it's different from Essie's "pretty edgy" but if you guys want a comparison I am more than willing :) [comment below if you do]. Oh and before I continue my ditzy ramblings, this is Sephora's picnic in the park L13. It is one of the small bottles that look like little m&m's almost :D haha. I put a picture of what the bottle would look like just below this [obviously it's the bottle not the color... because well yeah... DUH. ]

I hope you enjoyed this post, please comment with opinions and requests!


  1. Of course I want to see a comp. :)

  2. Love it. I like how you arrange your hands. I wish I had someone to take pictures for me so I could get more creative ;P

  3. Does someone take photos for you - - I wish I had someone to take mine like this!!!! Lucky Girl!...... Also - I think your "Nail Polish, Nail Polish" song story was cute! I was definitely enchanted with nail polish when I was little, too!~

  4. I will do the comparison soon as requested and nah I usually have to take pictures or set a timer but we were on a trip and this picture was a total fluke my mom was just trying to adjust her camera's lighting and stuff.

    And Deez Nails thanks so much, I am not even kidding, my parents and friends still tease me about it till today haha.