Monday, July 26, 2010

Top Coat Comparison: Seche Vite VS Out The Door


  • SMEAR RESISTANCE: Seche Vite dries to a "smear resistant" level faster than Out the Door..... however I have found that although you can sort of touch or brush your nails after putting on Seche Vite rather than when you have put Out the Door - the nail polish is still malleable and able to dent easily.
  • And is it just me or does Seche Vite cause TERRIBLE shrinkage.... I mean there have been times for me where the polish shrinks and at one point I can just peel it off... yeah... I mean.. I deal with it because I love it so much.. but that really gets me upset sometimes. And today I was doing a pedicure and there were a few bubbles... has it gone bad?!
  • FULL DRYING TIME: As I said before Seche tends to be "smear/touch resistant" quicker but all in all if you wait the extra time for Out the Door which is like a minute or two extra, you will find that they won't dent as easily because of the thinner formula.
  • SMELL: I MUCH prefer the Out the Door smell to the Seche Vite smell. Why? .. Well the OTD oder isn't as strong and it is a more pleasant smell (my opinion only). OTD smells like glue or putty. SV smells like a shoe cleaner but a very strong smell.
  • SHINE: By far Seche Vite Beats OTD in shine by a mile (if you want an identical if not better shine try using Sally Hansen Mega Shine)
  • PRICE: OTD is $5.49 at Sally Beauty Supply and SV is $7.99 at Sally's too. BUT if you are purchasing a lot at Sally's and you don't already know about the Beauty Club Card I advise you to get one. It saves you a whole lot of money if you make lots of purchases there. With the card SV comes out to $6.49 and OTD comes out to $4.99.
I LOVE both top coats and for some reason I always mix them up and just use different simply because I just pick one up and slap it on my nails. But I love the Seche Vite shine and drying speed but I like that Out the Door is thin... so I am a fan of both. But I am just putting this out there for people to see. I have bought any and all products from this post with my own money and own will I went out to get them because I had heard good things about both top coats.

I have talked about the Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat (click here for previous post) before and how much I like it but I just wanted to put this in here quickly because it is such a great option to add some shine to your manicure or change it up after a few days. It comes in Silver and Gold and I love my Silver one so much I am considering getting the big one. I am currently wearing OPI DS Coronation and I expected it to be more holo but none the less I was very pleased.... but a few days later I realized I could just put a layer or two of the Northern Lights top coat and I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this mani looks. I am in love and this will for sure be using this color combo for many future mani's.
here is another picture of the top coat (silver and gold) I got online just so you can see it again:

These are just a few of my favorites, I will post about some other ones soon but in the mean time please comment below with the name of your favorite top coat, your thoughts on this post or my blog in general. UPDATE: I just put a poll on the right side bar for top coat, if you put other then please comment on this post what your favorite top coat is.
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  1. I loveee Seche Vite, if you can, you should definitely get it online from ebay or a beauty supply store because it's infinitely cheaper than buying bottle by bottle. I think I got a 2 ounce bottle of Seche Vite along with a normal size Seche Vite for 15?

  2. long paragraph is long, but I find Seche Vite causes shrinkage only if it's too thick, Seche Restore (bought on ebay) is also excellent to invest in. The bubbles happen to me if I constantly flick the wand around in the bottle making little bottles but if it's thinner I find it happens less

  3. I am a die hard Seche girl. I don't have trouble with shrinkage unless I allow my Seche to get too thick. A little thinner, some rolling around and problem solved. :D

    I own a bottle of Out the Door and I rarely use it. IMO, it is too thin, doesn't give me that gorgeous shine I expect from Seche and it takes forever to dry. (Not knocking the product... Just my personal experience and impressions.)

  4. I looove Seche Vite. I had a problem with the shrinkage too though, so another blogger gave me this tip: If you start with a coat of OTD over your manicure and then do a coat of Seche, it doesn't shrink as much :)

  5. I answered other in the poll - I use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat (the one in the red bottle) it's my HG top coat, for me there is nothing better! I'm one of the few people who really really doesn't like Seche, I can't get past the shrinkage; so for my the Insta-Dri works perfectly!

    1. I completely agree! I hate SV and love sally Hansen Insta-Dri!

  6. Does the OTD under Seche tip work? It just really seems like a waste to me.

  7. I only end up with shrinkage with Seche if I put on two coats. I like that it's thick because I can put it on top of nail art right away without it smearing.

  8. I'm liking OTD more, when I use SV I get a lot more chipping and I was extremely disappointed.