Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mish Mosh Post with Swatches, Lemming, Tip, and Old Nail Art Fail

Hey Guys,

sorry I am not a daily poster, it just gets hard sometimes. I am beyond frustrated. I have all of these wonderful swatches I have been working on but I have just deleted a bunch and I've just decided to delete the pictures I have blogged about... I mean.. I am not getting any good techniques that work for me here and I feel that might be just the easiest thing to do. Also I am going on a trip soon so I won't be posting as much so I am just going to do a few posts and set them to post on their own but if it doesn't work out I am apologizing ahead of time. So today I am just posting some lousy nail art that I tried out and forgot to post with my other post about Essie's Pretty Edgy and Sephora's Picnic in the Park and a random swatch of my first and only color club color Electric Coral.

I used (from right to left) Q-Art Paint Green 36, Finger Paints Scarlet's Paint!, and Art Club (Color Club) NA1 White.
sorry for the yellow lighting- ps... this is like my first nail art and fail attempt at a strawberry so don't be too harsh :)
Moving on to the Electric Coral from Coral Club (also with Nail art Strawberry)
it came out to pink here:
Well after the over dose of pictures on that swatch (sorry I just love that color). Let me talk about it a little bit. haha. This was my first experience with Color Club and let me just tell you ... I'm hooked. It was smooth and was nice in 2-3 coats which is great for such a pretty pink neon jelly like this. I have A TON of neon pinks... more than an average person should, and this one still stands out... I will do a comparison soon not to worry.

Here is a pedicure. If you do not like pedicures I left a little room so you don't see. Just skip em'... my feet look EXTRA nasty here... sorry.

I have Essie Marshmallow on my toes and I am sorry I can't even remember the colors I used to Konad my big toes... it was like a bunch of my little polishes. I have like the most prehistoric Konad kit known to man. This is like the first edition and I almost never use it I just got it when I was little because I thought it was cool. I only have three plates, the 3 mini colors it came with, the basic stamper, and the blade. Yup that is all, period. I am a fail of a nail blogger in the Konad'ing sense. This is the m3 Plate.

Second to last thing I swear... man this is a HUGE post!
Well I wanted to reshape my nails like last night but I always make them crooked and I had remembered I had read this uber great article with a bunch of tips and tricks on Lacquerized (AKA possibly the best nail blog on the face of this earth, sorry ALU). It said it was better to file nails with dark polish so you could see what you were doing... so I dug up some nasty dark blue that was kind of icky and just slapped it on the ends of my nails and voila! GENIUS! *angels sing* my nails are actually.... dare I say... NOT CROOKED! They look better than they ever have considering I dig the nubbins look. Click here for the article on how to shape your nails!

So a picture of my slapped on paint:
PS. this is in the middle of the filing of my nails.

Last thing I want to talk about...

I am massively craving the new Milani color "dress maker" that is the Chanel Jade dupe! Like tomorrow my goal is to hit up every CVS in Florida till I find it. P.S. if you just asked yourself what Dress Maker is or who Lacquerized is I want to invite you to crawl out from that rock you have been living under to direct you to this link where the wonderful Steph has so beautifully swatched it for us and compared it to other rumored dupes of Chanel Jade- LINK! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY- . I was pretty young when Jade came out so ... yes I understand why my mother didn't get it for me... but ... it's even my middle name... yes Sabrina Jade... ughh I can't blame her.. she wouldn't buy me a 25 dollar polish not even if she was drugged... and I wouldn't either... well unless I had way more money... then that might be different.

Well.... I think I have babbled enough for tonight. I hope you enjoyed the post, and I didn't bore you to death. Please comment with your opinion on this post and my blog and please feel free to shoot me an email at about anything, a review, question, REQUESTS PLEASEE!, or even to tell me that you don't like me haha.

Well good night, peace love polish!


  1. Your first strawberry attempt looks way better than my first nail art did! :) Also, your dark blue tips make me want to do a funky french mani.

  2. Don't stress about posting every day--I don't. :)

    Very cute pedi!

  3. very cute :) just found gout blog though getcha nails did, you have a great blog, looking forward to your upcoming posts :)