Sunday, August 1, 2010

Overdue Green Comparison+Shout Out

Hey guys sorry I have left you hanging! I swear I have so many pictures but I have no idea how to organize them so I've had to re-swatch some because I just don't even know which is which now (:/)... dang. Other bloggers out there, how do you organize your pictures? PLEASE HELP ME! Comment below or email me at!

But I do have one comparison that was long overdue (I had to re-swatch this one). It is Sephora's -Picnic in The Park- (click on it and find review on that polish specifically) compared to Essie's -Pretty Edgy- that came out with the Summer 2010 collection. Karen D. specifically commented bellow my review of Sephora's PITP and asked for a comparison. She has a great blog and you guys should definitely check it out. She didn't even ask me for the shout out I just clicked on her profile to see if she was also a fellow blogger. Also I have tried to do this comparison twice but it just always comes out terrible for me... so seeing as she did it so lovely please check it out on her blog (link)See! I do listen to you guys and read all the comments! I love to get requests and comments so keep 'em coming! And I always check if you guys have blogs that are cool even if you don't ask me too and I will always give you shout outs because I know how much help it is :)

Okay sorry I had to stop myself and get to the pictures haha

^This is one coat of the PITP over my infamous brucci base coat. I just put this on there so you could see how opaque the PITP is and so you could finally see that Brucci is kind of streaky but it is nice because it makes colors a little more vibrant. darn... I should have done one with like clear base coat...
I am showing you the brushes and bottles I have a mini essie and the sephora is the regular size

swatches (two coats each)- index+ring are PITP middle+pinky are pretty edgy
As you guys can see PITP definitely has more of a blue undertone compared to Pretty Edgy which has a yellow undertone. I love them both but I think that PITP compliments my skin tone better so I am happy I didn't end up getting Pretty Edgy in a big bottle. Now I am starting to wonder if PITP is a lighter version of Jade is The New Black from OPI... I have been dying to get that color so maybe if I can get my hands on it at a supply for cheaper I will compare it.

thanks for reading! Please comment, write me an email, request colors, even write me a comment/email as a review telling me what you love/hate/like/dont care/ dislike about my blog!


  1. The first thing I thought when I saw this picture was that PITP reminded me of Jade Is The New Black! This is a great comparison though because now I know that PITP would look way better on my skintone than Pretty Edgy, thanks for this!

  2. Thanks for this! The Sephora does look like it has that same dusty quality that JitNB has(never quite know how to capitalize that).

    As for organizing pictures, I take notes as I go about number of coats, which BC/TC I used, which colors are on which fingers for comps, and also try not to take on too many different colors at one sitting or I do tend to get confused (or misplace the notes).