Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sula Paint and Peel Polish and I'm sorry

Sorry I haven't been blogging guys, school started and I'm afraid things a re going to be on and off like this but please keep the love coming and keep reading and requesting. I cannot stress enough that the more requests and comments the happier I
am- and more likely to post haha.

Well let me start talking about Sula's Paint and Peel polish. I had been lemming these polishes for a while but when I saw them at ulta for a hefty 9.00 price tag my answer was HELL NO. But a while ago I passed by my local Ulta again and hit up the sales bin as always- duh there are always GREAT finds there!- and there before me I saw an assortment of Paint and Peel Polish! ahh the heavens sang to me. And I got them for a great deal $4.99! That's a big difference I think.
So I got Kelly a bright green I think might look like China glaze four leave clover (I don't have it so sorry I can't compare- UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EXTRA AND WANT TO SWAP WITH ME) and "Teal"- have I mentioned the SUPER creative names? *sarcasm intended*

Now, these are pictures from when I first tested it out and my nice quality cannon picked out way more imperfections than you could see in real life. When you first apply it it dries rather quickly and is shiny but the shine wears out in a few hours. It's a little streaky but it's meant to be like 3 coats.

Instructions on the bottle say:
Apply 2-3 coats to clean, naked nails. Avoid contact with hot water for 4 hours. For long lasting color apply sula's lasting love top coat. Peel off when desired, no polish remover required! Big 3 free water based formula.

Before I show you pictures let me explain to you that this paint is meant to be worn like you wear make up, for a few hours and then peel it off with out damaging the nail and being able to switch it up. they have very trendy colors and if anybody has tried their top coat please tell me because I would want to compare with and with out the top coat. And remover DOES work but it is easier (MORE FUN) to peel it haha.

sorry for the blurriness

all in all I really do enjoy this polish and I love to peel it but I wonder if the top coat makes it better....

any thoughts?


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  1. Ooh I find the peeling off thing weird (and possibly a bit annoying as I like to wear polish for more than a few hours).