Friday, June 24, 2011

Deborah Lippmann's "I Know What Boys Like" and random Turquoise Shatter

Hiya Guys!

I'm so sorry I don't have pictures of Deborah Lippmann's I Know What Boys Like, by itself because honestly it is such a beautiful color, but you can sort of see it under the shatter, and I"m sure I will be wearing this manicure very soon, because I am OBSESSED with this color. Great application, two coats as always, although some of my nails did chip at like the edge corners, but I touched those up. The shatter I used is AMAZING, super easy to use and thick or thin coats it always crackles amazingly. I think, don't take my word though, it's by La Rosa... it was pretty inexpensive around four dollars and I got it at one of my local nail supplies. I actually went to look for it now but it is nowhere to be seen in my house... hmm don't worry I'm sure I will be using these more often and maybe even getting some more colors.
Also I got a few stuff from etsy the other day including my acrylic fishbowl ring, and my silver infinity ring, I put some pictures in there. If you would like to know more about these and from who I purchased them just send me an email :)
Sorry this is like a misinformed post I sort of feel haha. I took lots of pictures though and I'm trying to do better cleanup and pictures for you guys so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me feed back on everything and any ideas or suggestions you have for me. You can obviously comment but if you want something longer or more personal just shoot me an email to

heres a franken I just made today, I am going to try to swatch this asap so I can put this up for you guys, maybe some name ideas?

love you guys!


  1. Cannot tell from the bottle what your Franken is...a black with some glitter holo? Sure you are more creative than that. So sorry, don't have any name suggestions. Need a better look see...but some do float through my if you want a really catchy odd ball name - like Get Me Out of Jail - or if you want a more normal name like Night Out Howling come to mind.

  2. just when I had sworn off buying any more blues because I have far too many and it's not my go to shade like many polishholics who are totally into the blue or green thing over all other shades...I was finding I had too many blues I was not weaning but for the darker ones on my toes....but then this DL came out and I HAD to have it. I got it with the orange one in the same collection and love both. Some times I wear both with one orange nail and the rest all I know What Boys Like. Far as the crackle - I am so over it. It only took 2 bottles of it and I was done. I look and play with friend's same, but take it off. it always looks to me like someone wrecked a good mani - or too teen for me - feel awkward when I have it on and get going to a nice affair - it's too trendy for my nails to go bare to and not enough time for me to pull off a new polish job. I am soooo wanting this trend to go away.