Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Matching Party Nails!

Hey guys, I know this is sort of a makeshift post but I hope you enjoy it anyways. Ok so I had a party like a weekend ago and I wore a beige lace dress with some Steve Madden magenta pumps. I wanted my nails to be the same color as my shoes of course, but I had no luck finding an actual color that already looked like my shoes, so I ended up layering Zoya's Demi (2 coats) with OPI's Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em layered on top (3 coats). Luckily I did thin coats and it came out really similar if not exact. I'm sorry the pictures are so bad, I usually provide sharper images I just really didn't plan on this being a post. Not to worry I also put a picture of my dress (also not the best picture, sorry again)


I know my shoes look big on me it's just that they are so damn tall that my foot slides forward. If you like these shoes they are from Steve Madden (link here) Magenta Patent Leather in the STOKKER model.

My dress is from Juicy Couture, I got it a few months back. Everywhere I look I think it's just called "lace shift dress" you can google it if you like - here is the link

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, I am finally on summer break so I will able to post more frequently. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me at postivelypolished@hotmail.com or tweet me @positivpolished (https://twitter.com/#!/positivpolished) LOVE YOU GUYS <3

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