Saturday, June 25, 2011


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color! I've been wanting it since I saw it on lacquerized like forever ago. It is such a beautiful color, and a dream to apply. I did two thin coats which looking back I could have definitely done three. I got this from the lucky nail supply I showed you in one of my lasts posts, it sort of makes up for my longing for OPI DS Original.... sort of. Of course I am dying for Glamour but that's more of a distant dream. I took lots of pictures for you guys <3 hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Sabrina

I've been taking my blog pictures differently and trying to crop them... tell me if you guys see the difference! I did sort of a white background to get a more accurate color.
I love feed back!


  1. Being a DS original owner - I really like (and wear) DS Signature way more. It's warmer and better on my skin tone. I think I have stashed 3 extra bottles of it!

  2. @beachgal! you just relieved me so much you don't even know! Thankyou so much