Friday, June 24, 2011

Twitter and Contact Info

Hey guys I know most of my information is on the sidebar and I usually mention it in every post but I still get questions about where you can contact me so here's a quick post about that.

My twitter is postivpolished and here's the link
I always tweet about new posts so maybe that way you don't have to always check in on me, I also tweet about giveaways and I have it so you guys can always tweet me about new colors, new ideas or anything. I LOVE TWITTER.

My email is pretty easy to remember it's
I try to check my email like once a day or every other day so you can always access me there. This is a great place to maybe send me links of websites, your blog, swatches, colors, ideas, suggestions, criticism is also accepted, and anything you think I would enjoy or you feel would be fine to email me about.

And last but not least, COMMENTS
I'm sure if you are following my blog you are following because I have no idea how to do that email or bloglovin stuff... lol so yeah. I do check those comments daily, lets face it it's not like I'm getting hundreds of comments so I truly do appreciate those few comments occasionally I receive and take them to heart and mind if they are suggestions.

Sorry for this sort of boring post but hey I just gave you two yesterday! But I will be back with some new posts shortly, but please please please tweet me or email me or just comment, I love getting that stuff!


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