Thursday, June 9, 2011


You guys cannot even comprehend how mad I am right now. I just made this HUGE post for you guys with like a million pictures of OPI's Princesses Rule and urg.. well here it goes again, man I love you guys. DUMB BLOGGER.
Well I have been wearing this color for about 2 days now, I painted my nails really late Tuesday night. So yes this was my first official time wearing pink on Wednesday! I really liked this color, I had little tip wear and I usually don't like light pinks like this but it ended up being very flattering and I really like it. I did three coats but you can easily do two coats I just liked the color depth of it with three coats a little better.

I sort of have a question for all my followers; does your blogger picture uploader act up sometimes? I was only able to upload like 3 pictures at a time if not it went bonkers before but now it seems to only let me upload 1 picture at a time which is really a pain for me because I always have at least like 5-10 pictures..... anybody know how to fix this dilemma?


  1. Princesses Rule! is a great favourite of mine. It looks lovely on you. :)

    I have a little difficulty with the photo uploader, from time to time. It gets snotty with me, won't upload more than one shot at a time and so on. Usually, if I back out of the session and then try again that straightens it out and it flies right from then on.

    Sometimes I type up a post, hit publish and get a screen with a box that said that there were conflicting edits. At first I though this meant a lost post. But it doesn't. Just hit your refresh button, then when the popup that asks is you want to resend, click resend and your post will publish. (I don't know if this happens to you or if you had figured it out, but that is what works for me.) :)

  2. I don't have the same problem as you with the photo uploader, I just find it so s l o w. You could always try using an external photo uploader like photobucket or imageshack, although once you hit a certain bandwidth you'll have to pay for it!

    I've been debating getting Princesses Rule for a while, it looks really lovely on you!

  3. I am so not a pink polish gal right now - least not light pinks - but this one came up again and again in my mind when I would see it on the secondary market. Finally I ran into it left over lonely on an OPI polish stand. Would have bought it soon as I saw it, but found the brush on it to be all bent wonko when I opened it to check - ahhh that's why it's still been sitting there all this time! But pouf - I had to get it off eBay...and now a happy owner. So amazed that it covers as it does. It looks like it should be one of those up to 4 coats and still not reaching opaque and ya give up and put it with those you use as overlays only. So glad to see you giving its due here!