Monday, June 27, 2011

Light Pastel Blue Comparison

I'm not sure if I've said this before but pastel blues are one of my favorite's I just can't get enough of them, if I could have more I would. This isn't even all my light blues I have more but these were the most similar. I know a lot of these are popular so I thought this would be a helpful comparison.

Here is what color I did on what nail if I have already done full manicures with any of these colors, you will be able to click it and it will send you to the link of the full manicure.

Also I know many might ask why Essie's Mint Candy Apple isn't in there but I tried comparing it next to these, but it was so different it really wasn't worth putting it in this comparison.

PINKY~ Essie's Borrowed & Blue (2 coats)
RING~ Hard Candy's Sky (2 coats)
THUMB~ Sephora by OPI's Havana Dreams (2 coats but probably should've done 3)

- Sabrina


  1. Nice comparison! I never knew the Avon and Essie were so close!